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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

May 17, 2017

MURMUR (Chicago)
Larks Tongues in Aspic
— This is probably the best album in the last five years of my show. I have talked about it endlessly, and I think no one has listened.

Weep In My Dust
— Bros, YAITW are playing soon at DNA, so that is something to consider. They are churning black metal laden crust, and do it in this soul-crunching, beautifully brain-crushing way. Purely delicious.

— Horisont is one of my all-time favorite revitalist bands. They've been around for 11 years and released their fifth album "About Time". I just went to see them live, and they were INCREDIBLE, as expected. They also wore the tightest pants EVER, and my eyes couldn't stop staring at their crotches. Not my fault.

Swallowing Static (The Law Falls Silent)
— In 2012 I named eyeswithoutaface Best Industrial band, creating modern club music for people in an asylum. 'Cause everyone needs to dance. They dive straight into experimental and just dark heavy sounds, mixing the edge of metal with synth and electronic.

BEZOAR (Brooklyn)
Vitamin B
— I am in love with the vocals for the Brooklyn band Bezoar; she is a witch. It is a bizarre Bezoar, with incredible avant-garde composition and immense song-writing.

Magic Circle - Cloven In Two
— Members of Mind Eraser and Doomriders. I have loved this band so much, this is a riff-rich doom sound with incredible vocals, and it is just tasty as fuck. They have two full-length albums in the last few years; with an E.P. last year hopefully leading into another new album.

SECRET CUTTER (Pennsylvania)
Bees' Of The Mind
— The vocals will slice you, so sharp and heavy. Lovely boys. I fell in love with their self-titled album. They are just such a blindingly painful bright spot in sludge and black and everything naughty.

Return Of The Empire
— One of the best post-punk, goth, deathrock bands of this decade. Beastmilk came out with a hell of an album, but this is one that flew under the radar.

The Hidden Kingdom
— Black Pyramid is a severely underrated band. They are the perfect party album; to drink beer and shake fists in happy unison. If you haven't picked up any of their albums, and you aren't a curmudgeon and like catchy stuff, don't miss this shit. They are anthemic and Massachusetts folk, and mostly jam out deliciously.

Out Of The Garden
- Crypt Sermon was definitely on everyone's lists when it came out, but did you actually listen to it? Their shining beacon was the vocalist, and builds and builds to a climax (doom).

Little Sun
— Her voice drips with honey, soothing our tempestuous brains, allowing her soul to ease our pain. That is the blues, a comfort in these hard times. One of my favorite vocalists, accompanied with an incredibly talented jam-my band.