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She Likes It Heavy

Feb 17, 2016

Avant-garde psychedelic black metal dreamscapers, my Finnish favorites, Best of 2013, I want to marry all of them and live in their music.

Hypnotisoitu Viharukous: Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland)(0:28-5:41)

Colorado 2-piece with the lead singer of Lord Mantis bringing forth a lovely dark noise sound, catchy and fun.

Beast Whip: Cobalt (Colorado)(6:50-15:09)

After their lead singer and guitarist died in 2012, the rest of the members of Urgehal put together existing tracks and asked multiple guest vocals on their last album. The next song has the lead singer of Darkthrone.

The Iron Children: Urgehal (Norway)(15:41-20:13)

If you think Holy Grail is charming, then go see them live. They shine with the most charismatic singer, and the fans are crazy for them.

Descent into the Maelstrom: Holy Grail (LA)(20:55-25:14)

Grindcore, but the hardcore aspect keeps it energetic.

Low: Wake (Calgary)(26:00-29:20)

Obvious Jethro Tull sound with the flutes, vocals bring it Swedish retro style, which is fabulous. Album is softer than harder.

The Outcast: Witchcraft (Sweden)(29:48-35:41)

Interpret Gehennah as the perfect drunk thrash in an homage to Lemmy. This is their first album in 20 years. Old drunk fun farts.

Gehennah Will Destroy Your Life: Gehennah (Sweden)(36:14-38:04)

Angular death metal from Sweden.

Succubus: Temisto (Sweden)(38:23-42:15)

Emotional lead singer lassos you into New Zealand Beastwars sludgey charm.

Holy Man: Beastwars (New Zealand)(43:37-48:33)

Chicago grind breaking into headbangingness.

Heathen (The Throes of Poison): Morgue Suppliers (Chicago)(48:54-51:29)

More atmospheric from Black Shape of Nexus, and I hope the full album is more of the same.

Facepunch Transport Layer: Black Shape of Nexus (Germany)(52:00-END)