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She Likes It Heavy

Aug 26, 2015

Dark, dank Philly has created filthy atmospheric sludge.  Yep, of course.

Begotten Grimoire: Hivelords (Philly)(0:28-6:53)

My 2013’s Best Saturday band Kadavar has a new album, and I am in love.  Retro-revitalist stuff, they do it so well.

The Old Man: Kadavar (Germany)(8:10-12:10)

Belgium has that dark pummeling stuff, goes down as well as one of their ales.  Gawd, I want that red sour Flemish ale right now, go check it out at La Trappe after listening to this.

Kwaad Bloed: Wiegedood (Belgium)(12:48-19:29)

2012’s Best Saturday band has a new split, and more of their awesomeness in hardcore sludge doom stuff.

Skull File: Sons of Tonatiuh (Atlanta)(20:09-26:03)

You may hate this Swedish band, it is an acquired taste.  It is a feel-good Mercyful Fate

Riders of Vultures: Year of the Goat (Sweden)(27:18-34:38)

Foggy, filthy, bloody.  Theatrical as all hell.

I Am Contempt: Lychgate (London)(35:04-39:24)

Crust from West Oak-town..

consumed: Atrament (W.Oakland)(39:54-42:58)

Gorgeous compositions, classical in nature, and then just plain brutal cold black metal stuff.

Yesteryear: So Hideous (NYC)(43:49-51:20)

Canadians.  Are they the best people or what?

Storm Of Silence: Fuck the Facts (Ottowa)(51:44-54:23)

Just, depressing.


Drear: Creeping (New Zealand)(55:11-END)