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She Likes It Heavy

Aug 12, 2015

Hedonistic thrash fun blast party beer headbang love everyone fuck you.

To Propagate The Void: Black Fast (St.Louis)(0:28-5:38)

Math-y, completely pretentious and absolutely lovely.

Over Spirit: Krallice (NYC)(7:26-14:07)

Emotional, catchy, dark, hot, evil.  Does that make sense? Who the fuck cares.

The Mithriditist: Behold! the Monolith (LA)(14:50-22:39)

Dense as fuck, but your brain grabs the thread of melody running through.  Exquisite.

Abyss of Longing Throats: Gnaw Their Tongues (Netherlands)(23:46-31:17)

I will wait for this full album.  So far the E.P. is doom-y psychedelic fist-pumping, lead-up fun.

Ape Cave: Ape Cave (Portland)(31:55-38:50)

Weight black metal?  Sure.  And you’re like, can I listen to this anymore. But you have to, because for some reason, the shit will grab you by your pussy lapels and shake you and tell you that you need to fucking chill out.

Saturnalia: False (Minneapolis)(39:34-49:34)

Australian doom that is like, cool and shit.

A: YLVA (Melbourne)(50:21-58:14)

Jamming shit from San Francisco, but this band pretends they aren’t from San Francisco, which now makes a lot of sense because SF SUCKS.  I used to love this town, and it ain’t good.  It ain’t good.  And I don’t think it will ever be good again.  Fuck you techies.  Fuck you all.  You are the lamest pieces of shit.  You fucking spoiled brats.

Sign of the Witch: Orchid (SF)(58:57-END)