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She Likes It Heavy

Jul 29, 2015

Behind my Vocals: 70's rock bro

4-piece Australian band who think humans are the true DOOM.  This is really wonderful black metal, gorgeous and almost up-lifting.  I need that sometimes.

Every End is Fated In Its Beginning: Hope Drone (Australia)(0:28-9:17)

You can’t push Locrian to show you their sound right away.  These are masters of lead-up.

Arc of Extinction: Locrian (Chicago)(10:33-17:39)

You may not understand the next Tee Pee Records band, if you don’t know Quest for Fire, who have members in Comet Control. Quest for Fire is one of the best psychedelic rock band (modern!!!). 

Future Forever: Comet Control (Toronto)(18:23-22:23)

LA doom sludge band Ancient Altar breaks into the best headbanging.  New album releases in September.

Dead Earth: Ancient Altar (LA)(23:25-29:51)

Hells yeah, yet another awesome blues-y psychedelic band with gorgeous vocals.

Grusome: Grusom (Denmark)(30:27-37:11)

French black death metal = technical, slightly progg

Fvlgvr Lvx Terror: Vortex of End (France)(37:40-42:27)

Riding Easy Records are kings of bluesy vocals-oriented rock.

Easy Rider: Old Man's Will (Sweden)(43:00-45:52)

25 year-old Sathanas is thrash-y traditional fun heavy metal.

Satan's Cross: Sathanas (PA)(46:47-51:02)

Suffocating atmosphere.

Desert Trail: Indesinence (UK)(51:39-57:15)

Beer metal! Best band name!


Possession: Sacred Leather (Indiana)(57:37-END)