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She Likes It Heavy

Jul 8, 2015

Behind my vocals: Corpus (1971)

Norwegian duo who have come out with some awesome old school and speed and thrash and fun and evil. 

Sinner's Possession: Deathhammer (Norway)(0:28-5:40)

Blaze of Perdition has a tragic past, and have a new album called “Near Death Revelations”. 

Into The Void Again: Blaze of Perdition (Poland)(6:55-14:00)

ORGAN!!! And Zorn.

Marmarath: John Zorn (NY)(14:22-19:31)

Formerly known as Contempt, Drouth has laid in some slayage.

Vast, Loathsome: Drouth (Portland)(20:07-28:07)

Bright, aggressive hardcore to decompress the brain. 

Love the Liar: Concrete Walls (SF)(29:09-31:24)

Industrial mixed with a slowed down touch of sludge.

Apnea: Crown (France)(32:15-37:34)

Anonymous old school death metal that really pounds out the riffs.

Descending Souls: Undead (Anonymous/Europe)(38:13-42:40)

Raw and technical, what else from Cattle Decapitation.

Manufactured Extinct: Cattle Decapitation (San Diego)(43:25-47:56)

Full-length will be produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou. That means this is going to be a big album. 

Gutter Gods: Cult Leader (SLC)(49:09-50:40)

Grind album that goes all over the place.  I couldn’t stop listening for the last 2 weeks.

Nostalgic Memories: Nervous Impulse (Montreal)(51:21-54:41)

Real Spanish weirdos.  The whole album is all over the place, including new age droning breaking into heavy distortion and metal.

Into The Bowels Of The Absolute: Hic lacet (Spain)(55:18-END)