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She Likes It Heavy

Jul 1, 2015

Members of Converge and Cave-In have come out with another winning album.  Mutoid Man is not brutal.  But they keep the hardcore and spin it with romance and psychedelic and rock.

Bridgeburner: Mutoid Man (Boston/California)(0:28-3:30)

French experimental band creates apocalyptic horror noise, but in a catchy way.  Album is all over the place, and you will find something new in every corner. 

Soul Ruiner: Chaos Echoes (France)(4:51-12:07)

Female vocals are just a small part of Fucked Up's new album, but I dug it the most.  It provided a sweet counterpart for Fucked Up’s brand of hardcore

Year of the Hare: Fucked Up (Toronto)(12:59-22:28)

Doom-y, catchy, riffy Austrian black metal.  The lead singer was my favorite part.

Demiurg: Amestigon (Austria)(23:00-34:10)

Australian bands are usually meaner and rawer.  Lo! takes their Converge-influenced roots and makes it more power-aggressive.   

Megafauna: Lo! (Australia)(35:23-40:12)

I have played Mispyrming before – Icelandic metal is truly frigid cold stuff.  Black metal, of course.

Af þjáningu og þrá: Misþyrming (Iceland)(40:35-44:51)

I know, this is screamo.  But Richmond is a rich source of hardcore and metal, and the bands are great from this area.  This band puts in a lot of interesting tempo-changing proggy compositions into their hardcore.  Emotional hardcore at its finest. 

chrysanthemum: Truman (VA)(45:50-49:55)

Classic old school death metal from Sweden.  Need I say more. 

Creatures Among the Coffins: Feral (Sweden)(50:26-55:11)

2-piece raw lofi Skeletonwitch-sounding (tight and catchy) band from Greece. 

Summoning the Incarnations of the Worm: Ithaqua (Greece)(55:48-END)

Back of my vocals:

The Cure, The Smiths, Radiohead, The The, Depeche Mode, James, Siouxsie, Catherine Wheel