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She Likes It Heavy

Jun 17, 2015

Behind my Vocals: Soundtrack to "Under The Skin"

Instrumental headbang music.

Tomb of the Ancients: Tempel (Phoenix)(0:28-10:25)

All you need to know: badass crusty death metal with a hot indian chick drummer vocalist.

Cadaver: Ahna (Vancouver)(12:26-17:01)

Stocky muscular rock.

Happy Joyful Life: Fight Amp (Philly)(17:32-21:22)

Italians come up with some Avant-garde metal that sounds somewhat Finnish.  Mostly fun.

Standing on Bedlam, Buring in Bliss: Howls of Ebb (Italy)(22:02-31:31)

Straight-up hardcore from Canada, with a fist in your face.

Four: Weird Year (Edmonton)(32:45-35:38)

Eastern-influenced space rockers, that are not as jammy – this is definitely more texture acoustic stuff.

Moksha: My Sleeping Karma (Germany)(36:29-45:52)

90’s band Will Haven have another noise metal album, very epic and apocalyptic with some soft atmosphere.

Hermit: Will Haven (Sacramento)(47:19-50:54)

I’m tired of Matt Pike’s voice, but only because I’ve heard it too much.  He is still a good vocalist.  This is one of their better recent albums.  I liked when they slowed down.

The Sunless Years: High on Fire (Oakland)(52:15-57:07)

Dirty stoner rock from the Aussies.


Living Heads: Watchtower (Australia)(57:34-END)