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She Likes It Heavy

Dec 3, 2014

Supergroup Old Man Gloom has (2) new albums with the same name, the following song is from the "first" album.  The second album is a little more moody, but still full of piss. 

Promise: Old Man Gloom (MA)(0:28-5:01)

Chris Black is a god of musical prowess, playing drums, bass and/or singing for bands Dawnbringer, High Spirits, Superchrist, Pharoah. Dawnbringer’s Nucleus (2010) is one of my fave albums of all time.  This is yet another NWOBHM-influenced, riffy, awesomeness.

The Burning Of Home: Dawnbringer (Chicago)(7:10-11:19)

Full of Hell have hit the jackpot: access to the noise of Merzbow to create a double cd album. 

High Fells: Full of Hell and Merzbow (MD and Japan)(12:14-16:45)

One of the best goth/post-punk influenced album this year.

Entropy: Atriarch (Portland)(17:23-22:42)

A short brand new E.P. from the female-led Bog Oak.

The Resurrection Of Animals: Bog Oak (Sacramento)(23:17-27:45)

I expect no less from Behemoth.  This is a vinyl-only E.P.

Nieboga Czarny Xiadz: Behemoth (Poland)(28:28-34:33)

Doom that hits the nail on the head: they intertwine slow with incredible riffage. Will keep you guessing.  This is a great mini-album.

They Had No Names: Heavydeath (Sweden)(35:11-41:26)

You can basically see this band play in your hometown in someone’s basement, and you would have talked about it for years. 

Mayhem: Caskets Open (Finland)(41:55-44:55)

Distorted thrash black metal.

Conquest: Zom (Ireland)(45:51-50:36)

The vocalist brings back Fen to its razor sharp edge again.

Our Names Written in Embers - Part 2 (Beacons of Sorrow): Fen (U.K.)(51:12-57:31)

I can’t listen to this band.

Beyond Stillness: Dire Omen (Alberta)(57:59-END)