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She Likes It Heavy

Nov 26, 2014

Secret Cutter is groovy hardcore, pulls you in while driving a nail through your heart.

Shake The Malevolent: Secret Cutter (PA)(0:28-2:29)

Epic, extreme, black and death, mixing in ambience, cause it is epic. Downfall of Gaia is a critic favorite right now.

To Carry Myself to the Grave: Downfall of Gaia (Germany)(3:35-11:08)

11 Paranoias creeps into your psychedelic black heart.

Lost to Smoke: 11 Paranoias (U.K.)(11:39-19:02)

So cheesy, in the best way is NJ’s While Heaven Wept. (EDIT: massive mistake, this awesome band is from VIRGINIA, what was I thinking you ask? I listened to them on a road trip in NJ and forever associate them with that state)

Indifference Turned Paralysis: While Heaven Wept (Virginia)(19:24-23:08)

Craang is so loose, that you know that this is the best type of band to be psychedelic.  Parts improv, but all jammy spacey fun.

Slo Forward Jam: Craang (Greece)(24:11-31:12)

Garage and black metal, what does that even mean.

When a Lie Becomes the Truth: Raspberry Bulbs (NYC)(31:33-34:23)

Depressing sober sludge.

Drag: Dusted: Pharaoh (NJ)(34:48-39:42)

What can anyone say, Today is the Day.  This new one is as good as they are.

Discipline: Today is the Day (Nashville)(40:35-43:32)

Super band Soulburn really riffs it out in the best possible way.  They are “blackened” death, which means they infuse some shit in this shit and shit.

Claws Of Tribulation: Soulburn (Netherlands)(44:14-49:38)

Fucking psychedelic, from Norway and shit.  This shit is TIGHT.

I.E.V I: Circumambulating Mount Meru: Spectral Haze (Norway)(50:22-54:15)

Very different grind from Copenhagen.

Devouring Intent: Piss Vortex (Denmark)(54:38-55:42)

One of my favorite vocalists of all time, who also is in one of my other fave albums of this year:

Dread Sovereign: Primordial (Ireland)(56:31-END)