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She Likes It Heavy

Sep 24, 2014

Myrkur was anonymous, and now no more.  It is a one-person project by a Danish and (most likely) hot chick.  It was completely addicting.  Her style is integrating her angelic vocals with catchy black metal, very atmospheric.

Nattens Barn: Myrkur (Denmark) (0:28-6:11)

Dark sludgy-but-almost-hardcore crusty Clevelandites.

Smoke Cat Hair and Toenails: Fistula (Cleveland) (7:26-12:58)

Now defunct,  Mondvolland has some awesome epic melancholy Dutch-language stuff.

Wanneer De Hemel Bloedt: Mondvolland (Netherlands) (13:34-19:25)

Guitarist from Cathedral started a band in Belgium, his dream. He pictured a female singer, and got one from Serpentcult.  If you don’t like her vocals, listen again.  She is strong and gorgeous.  And the band is seriously talented.

Eyes of the Heretic: Death Penalty (Belgium/England) (20:10-25:19)

Sivyi Yar in Russian, crazy one-person project that does NOT sound one-person-y.  He integrates some fun alternative/post-punk in his black metal. 

Distant Haze Was Arising: Сивый Яр (Russia) (26:43-33:13)

Denver’s Primitive Man breaks down the best.

Loathe: Primitive Man (Denver) (33:38-38:58)

Cult of Luna-ish vocals, cause these guys are Swedish.

The End/Aftermath: Gloson (Sweden) (39:33-46:18)

Very talented death, these guys have 2 vocalists, I like the raspy one, he should sing more!

Pox of the Weary: Lago (Phoenix) (47:30-52:50)

Another talented atmospheric-laden black metal.


Entartetes Gesicht: Aesop (Switzerland) (53:19-END)