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She Likes It Heavy

Aug 20, 2014

I love YOB. This album is yours, in your vinyl collection, right now.

Nothing to Win: YOB (Eugene) (0:28-11:36)


Bastard Sapling is a spin-off of Inter Arma, including a song sung by the lead singer in Windhand (cute girl).  One of the best black metal albums I have heard this year: warm, rich, organic, but still black.


The Killer In Us All: Bastard Sapling (VA) (13:25-19:40)


You know Pallbearer.  This is more Pallbearish stuff – epic, large, pretty, vocals-heavy.


The Ghost I Used To Be: Pallbearer (Little Rock) (20:28-28:37)


The new American Graveyard that caught the 70’s mullet of Metal Blade.


Behold, The Anunnaki: Brimstone Coven (WV) (29:41-35:14)


Maveth (Finland) and Embrace of Thorns (Greece) came out with an incredible black crazy dark split of awesome filth


The Pits Of Strife: Embrace of Thorns (Greece) (35:50-39:31)


Experimental proggy death from Norway, totes weird and shit.


Hermit Dream: Diskord (Norway) (40:05-45:55)


San Francisco’s very weirdo experimental band that uses dulcimers.  Dulcimers.


Dianthus: Botanist (San Francisco) (47:03-49:50)


Irish dark?? Yep.


Killvlad: Weed Priest (Ireland) (50:14-56:44)


Gallo is Gallow now, putting out his interpretation of Italian pagan.


Passer-By: John Gallow (NY) (57:24-END)