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She Likes It Heavy

Aug 13, 2014

Warm southern grind.  Makes sense?

Our Creation: Columns (NC) (0:28-2:43)


Pilgrim is now a 2-piece with some pretentiously named guy The Wizard doing guitar and bass.  Melody leans toward the melancholy ala Pallbearer-style. 


The Paladin: Pilgrim (RI) (3:58-8:00)


Atmospheric, folksy integrated black metal, but in a natural non-contrived way.


The Long Road, II. Capricious Miles: Panopticon (KY) (8:35-16:27)


Pranjal’s voice is very majestic, it brainwashes you into thinking you are standing in a cathedral with dragons flying overhead.  The lyrics are thoughtful and dripping with imagery.  Last year’s album was a riffy sludge-filled album; this one incorporates a bit more melancholy. Hey, who doesn’t like to be kicked in the gut with emotion.


The Outlier: Cardinal Wyrm (Oakland) (17:13-24:02)


Krieg is like, a totes black metal and crust band.  Whattup.


Worthless Nothing (Doom cover): Krieg (NJ) (25:04-27:25)


Oh my heart, a female led Graveyard-esque band.  This album is MASSIVE.


Black Smoke: Blues Pills (Sweden) (27:59-33:04)


Vukari is like, yeah, we are black metal and stuff, but we can make you cry.


Riddled With Fear And Doubt: Vukari (Chicago) (33:37-38:52)


Yet another band from Arizona filled with seething anger, I like.  But also, Arizona blows.


Blowback: Territory (Tucson) (39:04-41:16)


More of a shifting hardcore album: tempo-changing, genre-bending weirdos.


Standing On the Shoulders of Omega: Northern Widows (Columbus)(41:46-45:05)


A thickly riffy fist-pumping whiskey-flavored band.


Stoic: Nervewrecker (U.K.) (46:03-50:17)


I go off about the idea of metal.  This band is BRUTAL.


(Proto)Christ: Coprocephalic (San Diego/Taiwan)(51:08-54:28)


Agoraphobic Nosebleed member, and label.  Tiki-influenced grind.


Vestige of Surfly Remains: Wadge (Canada) (55:10-56:25)


Thanks FLOOD for having an album named OAK and making it entirely impossible to find you on the internet.  Good thinkin’!


Holy Astro Shaman Part I: Flood (Oakland) (57:03-END)\