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She Likes It Heavy

Aug 6, 2014

Suffocating doom, totally envelops.  Thick and dark.  Delicious.

Dweller On The Threshold: Fórn (Boston) (0:28-7:42)


Plasticbag Facemask is way WAY cooler than any of us.  Witty, awesome, tight, aggressive, insane.


I Am Facebook Officially Going to Puke: Plasticbag Facemask (Cali) (8:54-15:05)


Listen to the whole song, this is a fun death metal band, another good Arizona band, who woulda thought.


Here is a video:

Overdose: Gatecreeper (Arizona) (15:47-18:39)


This is Nachtmystium’s last album, and I think their best.  It has a pinch of everything: brutal, post-metal, spacey, proggy


The World We Left Behind: Nachtmystium (Chicago) (19:19-25:52)


Because of their large penises, these guys are a little too full of themselves.  I have just heard a bit of their demo, and I already want to be their sex slave. 


Diverse Beliefs: Fassbender (San Francisco) (26:49-28:19)


Epic 2 piece, similar to the Body, but way more emotional.  Same crushing style.


As It Needs To Be...: Keeper (Cali) (28:54-37:10)


New favorite hardcore album.


Keelhaul: Husk (U.K.) (37:36-40:38)


Big Black Cloud is influenced by the 80’s punk and 90’s alternative and has molded it into a modern experimental sound.


Cities of the Red Night: Big Black Cloud (Portland) (41:02-44:44)


Oakland! Black metal!  They have been getting tons of good reviews.  They revel in tradition in their lofi sound, but have a bunch of surprising breaks that makes this a good package. 


Blood Opulence: Akatharsia (Oakland) (45:27-46:42)


Italian 2 piece that is loud and proud. 


Right Not Right: Agatha (Italy) (47:15-51:59)


Yay, a fun 70’s style bluesy band, you need this in your life sometimes.


Information Overload: Lord Montague (Minneapolis) (52:56-57:10)


Finland, first of all, and then on top of it, these guys are weird for the Finnish.  Nuff said.


Vastans: Suruni (Finland) (57:49-END)