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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

Jul 23, 2014

Hella classic technical thrash from New Zealand.  Great album cover.

Axiom: Exordium Mors (New Zealand) (0:28-5:03)


Oozing Wound is one of my fave bands right now.  Their albums tell a story, that you can listen to over and over again.  Full of colorful plots and character development.  Great album for a Saturday afternoon and a contender for a top album of the year. 


Ganja Gremlin: Oozing Wound (Chicago) (6:29-11:33) 

Super fucking thick sound from a Swiss band that is just putting out E.P.’s.  Maybe they know when to cut it short? Whatever the formula, it works.

Entranced by the Wolfshook: Bölzer (Switzerland) (2013) (12:02-18:25)


Sleep + Brainoil = Graves At Sea.  That isn’t such a bad computation.


This Place is Poison: Graves At Sea (Portland) (19:00-25:31)


Grind, death and prog – enough to wake you up from the murk of sludge.


Old Father: Bastard Feast (Portland) (26:29-28:31)


Again, a full-conceived album is what I yearn to hear, not just a few fist-pumping songs.  This one goes all over the place, including some hardcore stuff.


The Desanctification: Wolvhammer (Chicago/Minneapolis) (28:59-35:40)


I edited the SHIT out of some Bongripper for you.  Their songs go for 20 minutes+.  Really something you should hear, and check out for yourself.


Descent: Bongripper (Chicago) (36:12-41:34)


Some dark Texan chatter.


Strangers: Crumbling Mirth (San Antonio) (42:04-46:30)


Power-viking sludge.  Fun young bros.


Infernal Exhalations: War Bong (Nashville) (47:14-50:10)


If you don’t know Sleep, why am I talking to you.  This is brand new, after 20 years.


The Clarity: Sleep (Oakland) (50:59-END)