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She Likes It Heavy

May 7, 2014

Mosh pit metal with a girl lead singer.  I think.

Insomnia: Svffer (Germany) (0:28-1:59)


Pummeling and sludgey all at the same time!


Instant Death Syndrome: Coffinworm (Indianapolis) (2:56-7:43)


Yeah, I give myself credit for introducing you to Yellow Eyes, and I will keep that credit and lord it over you forever


One Rock For The Wild Dog: Yellow Eyes (Brooklyn) (8:10-13:25)


Groaning, tons of it, and melodic stuff.


Hirudinea: Orox (Buffalo) (13:46-19:31)


Dark crusty hardcore, almost as tuff as Oasis.


Kvarblivelse: Esoteric Youth (Manchester) (19:57-22:48)


Nux Vomica, which is a type of tree, awesome name for a band, has great instrumental compositions in the middle of massive brutal epic stuff.


Reeling: Nux Vomica (Portland) (23:20-27:52)


Occult sludge, with snide vocals.


Nothing Hill: Salem's Pot (Sweden) (28:46-36:24)


Vocals of Thou, and then Thou with the Body or something. 


Pill: Thou (Baton Rouge) (37:02-39:59)


Manifest Alchemy: Thou and the Body (Baton Rouge, Portland) (40:01-45:21)


Norse mythology, folk, and black metal.


The Stream: Ifing (Michigan) (46:28-53:19)


Auric is dark sludge, totally rocks out.


Swept and Swallowed: Auric (Arkansas) (54:00-END)