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She Likes It Heavy

Mar 12, 2014

Death metal from Swedes is also psychedelic and moody and progressive.


Aurora In The Offing: Morbus Chron (Sweden) (0:28-5:25)


Loinen’s new album is on Svart records.  Their sound is super downtuned, and only bass guitars – their guitarist committed suicide and this is a tribute.   


Kuolemanselli: Loinen (Finland) (7:16-11:24)


I discuss the SF scene and pronouncing Slough Feg.


Laser Enforcer: Slough Feg (San Francisco) (12:10-16:19)


Crusty gothic graveyard horror metal. 


The Bestial Abyss: Vampire (Sweden) (16:50-22:25)


Thick fuzz, a balm to my blistered brain.


Foehammer: Conan (England) (22:45-27:28)


Fuck your v that acts like a u.  Other than that, this is raw, technical, chunneling metal.


Calicem Obscurum: Lvcifyre (U.K.) (28:28-32:48)


Not industrial, though they say it is.  More melodic than that, and vocalist is straight-forward. 


Chaos Body: Psalm Zero (NY) (33:11-38:58)


Speedy black hardcore.


The Cloven Path: Beroth (U.K.) (39:09-41:48)

Pink Floyd anyone? Ex-vocalist of Trouble, now with his own band.  Very emotional.


As Long as I'm with You: Blackfinger (Chicago) (42:23-47:19)


Infectious riffy large sound.


Luna Hiena: Sioux (Portland) (48:09-52:29)


Heavy heavy sludge.


Luna Hiena: Cementerio (Spain) (52:37-56:19)


How is folk metal real.  Really?


See on see maa: Metsatöll (Estonia) (57:04-END)