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She Likes It Heavy

Feb 26, 2014

Gridlink creates a full-on grind masterpiece – full of different treats.  Wait, that sort of rhymes.


Look to Windward: Gridlink (NJ, Texas, Japan) (0:28-3:38)


Gurgling vocals here are not my fave, but this band is SO frigging tight and satisfying in melody and riffs, I proceeded to listen to their full album.  Their second vocalist is awesome.  Revocation guitarist.


Hormone's Echo: Artificial Brain (NY) (4:53-11:03)


Crusty, classic and death all in one package.


Ancient Rites of Buried Evil: Coffin Dust (Philadelphia) (11:20-16:55)


Atmospheric death from some weirdo Texans.


The Eye: Škan (Austin) (17:20-22:14)


First awesome 70’s retro psychedelic rock album of the year.


Waterfalls: Doctor Cyclops (Italy) (23:03-29:12)


Masterful grind from old farts Cripple Bastards.


Occhi Trapiantati: Cripple Bastards (Italy) (29:39-33:26)


If you can catch Thou live, do it.  Their black metal will not exhaust you.  The vocalist really keep you focused.


In Defiance of the Sages: Thou (Baton Rouge) (33:49-39:22)


Next (3) bands from the French hardcore scene:

Noise and violence from Paris, and Remote.


Faith. Lame: Remote (Paris) (39:52-43:37)


2 piece with some math-y hardcore.


Wrong Way/Nice Trip: Piece of Map (France) (43:44-46:59)


Lodges manages to infuse melody without it being sappy.


Downward: Lodges (France) (47:10-50:55)


Filthy breakdowns galore.  Great name for a band.


17.5 Dead Air: Secret Cutter (Pennsylvania) (51:08-54:16)


Bast is the first band signed to Conan’s lead singer’s record label Black Bow Records, and they ROCK IT, totally Conan-style; riffy and catchy.


Spectres: Bast (England) (54:53-END!)