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She Likes It Heavy

Feb 5, 2020

My Best of the Decade show, counting down to my number 1 album of the last 10 years!

BATILLUS (Brooklyn), album – Furnace (2011)
Song: ...And The World Is As Night To Them (0:25-9:00)
— This song is in my top 10 of all time, and watching Fade headbang to it is the best ever. They are kings of lead up and hotness. Fade is also the mastermind of Statiqbloom.

VENENUM (Germany), album – Trance of Death (2017)
Song: The Nature Of The Ground (10:09-15:42)
— This album builds upon itself, revealing bits in every listen. I think I listened to this vinyl every Friday for a year, bringing me to my weekend in a mesmerizing psychedelic death trance.

HORISONT (Sweden), album – Second Assault (2012)
Song: Crusaders Of Death (16:00-20:40)
— Sweden has so many beautiful rocking retro bands, and Horisont is their king. Each song has a unique way of jamming out.

ORANSSI PAZUZU (Finland), album – Kosmonument (2011)
Song: Loputon tuntematon (21:10-26:58)
— Alien brains unleash waves of strange immersive eclectic intergalactic textures.

DAWNBRINGER (Chicago), album – Nucleus (2010)
Song: The Devil (27:40-33:37)
— First time I was introduced to Chris Black, also of High Spirits and Aktor. His guitar tone is is rocker 70's, glam 80's and the riffage of a thousand headbangers.

THE RUINS OF BEVERAST (Germany), album – Exuvia (2017)
Song: Surtur Barbaar Maritime (34:12-43:03)
— I listened to both Venenum and The Ruins of Beverast every Friday to decompress from the world. Each minute brought me closer to not absolutely hating everything and everyone. The Ruins of Beverast is evil, demonic and tribal. And the album cover is fucking awesome.

HORROR VACUI (Italy), album – Return of the Empire (2014)
Song: 5000 (43:35-47:40)
— One of those shimmeringly romantic deathrock and dark wave albums that you hear once every 20 years. Brings me right back to those days living in my parents' basement, staying up to watch 120 Minutes.

GRAVEYARD (Sweden), album – Hisingen Blues (2011)
Song: The Siren (48:42-54:32)
— Listening to this album will make your jeans flare, your joint light up, and your long hair part in the middle. A retro jewel with a gorgeous lead vocalist. I think they won the Norwegian grammy.

DAVID BOWIE (UK), album – Blackstar (2016)
Song: Lazarus (54:51-1:01:09)
— Sob, David Bowie. This album does you justice. Made to be played with wine and good friends.

SHE PAST AWAY (Turkey), album – Belirdi Gece (2012)
Song: Sanri (1:01:41-1:05:50)
— The new generation of dark pop and dance wave is spectacular. They are true vampires. I got to see them on my birthday, and I will never forget.

My #1 Album
MURMUR (Chicago), album – S/T (2014)
Song: Larks' Tongues in Aspic (1:06:27-END)
— Easily my number one album. It blooms from psychedelic to jazz to vicious black metal, and each second between is a joy.