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She Likes It Heavy

Jan 19, 2022

This week, #2 album.  Next week, #1!  See below for Best Album Art.

MORAL COLLAPSE (Bengalaru), album - S/T (Death, Modern)
Abandoned rooms of misspelled agony
— Vivid, storytelling death with plenty of seething and explosions. Loved the experimental sections with creepy violins and sexy saxophones. Made for parties with music snobs.

ESOCTRILIHUM (France), album - Dy'th Requiem For The Serpent Telepath (Black)
Baahl Duthr
— Imagine an alien god that injects cold malevolence into its warriors. This is what they listen to get enraged, and then soothes them in death.

STORTREGN (Switzerland), album – Impermanence (Black & Death)
Timeless Splendor
— All the genres embedded and aligned. Swirling technical guitar solos with demonic chatter that spreads to a touching melodic black.

PARANORM (Sweden), album – Empyrean (Speed/Thrash)
Intelligence Explosion
— A black metal screech in a playful and moody thrash dance that makes you leap in joy mid-mosh.

FRACTAL GENERATOR (Ontario), album – Macrocosmos (Death)
— Yet another multi-faceted vocalist with headbanging riffs and angular pace with bouts of jazz influence. Just, surprising.

CLOAK OF ALTERING (Netherlands), album - Sheathed swords drip with poisonous honey (Black, Modern)
I have missed the light so much
— This is made for me. Industrial and experimental synth that made me nostalgic for the first time I listened to the brain-warping legends of yore. These guys inject modern romantic black metal for the wretched part of your soul.

CRYPTOSIS (Netherlands), album – Bionic Swarm (Speed/Thrash)
Game of Souls
— Another most infectious thrash that races and careens off kilter with proggy pace. Somehow finds time for some synth just because they want to blow your mind.

SPECTRAL WOUND (Montreal), album - A Diabolic Thirst (Black, Melodic)
Fair Lucifer, Sad Relic
— Feral and textured black metal, sharpened with pain and slowed to create the aching, and a vocalist that stains your brain.

AD NAUSEAM (Italy), album - Imperative Imperceptible Impulse (Black & Death)
Horror Vacui
— Snaking compositions of black pummeling, death growls, horror atmosphere and suddenly, unexpectedly, heart-palpitatingly breaks into a soothing solace.

KANKAR (Germany), album - Dunkle Millennia (Black)
Thüringer Schwarzmetall
— Of course, German black metal with a stunning style of rock and melodic that also that weaponized vocal that straightens your toes.

INFERI (TN), album - Vile Genesis (Death)
No Gods But Our Flesh
— Dramatic, explosive, swarming and harmonizing guitars with a range of vocals. But basically this just shreds.

STORMRULER (St. Louis), album - Under The Burning Eclipse (Black)
At the Cliffs of Azure City
— That exquisite screech with raw black metal fury that allows your head to decapitate to a chomping riff. Technical and pure at heart.

PUPIL SLICER (UK), album – Mirrors (Extreme)
— Abuse and torture in a package that ripples with tension, with modern grind and hardcore and spectacular breaks into melody and groove. Strength and agony.

SPIRE (AU), album - Temple of Khronos (Hypnotic)
Hymn IV - Puissant
— Theatrical, carnivalesque black metal in a meditative atmosphere that envelops your brain. You know, hypnotic.

OBSCURA (Germany), album - A Valediction (Death, Melodic)
The Beyond
— Twirl with me to Obscura, hair whipping behind until you are just part of that noodle-y death chomp, the sharp edges mixed with beauty. Oh those vocals bounce and crash on top.

CIVEROUS (LA), album - Decrepit Flesh Relic (Death, Doom)
— Atmosphere filled with ash, a crawling heated vocalist follows with a badass pummeling pace. The sound mixes an atmospheric doom and a murky textured death. Perfect for car ride and a fist out the window.

KHEMMIS (Denver), album – Deceiver (Stoner, Jams)
Obsidian Crown
— Khemmis has that lead singer that is unbelievably expressive in both beauty and menace. The songs vary from majestic to stoner and heavy metal. All of it memorable.

#2 Album of 2021:
GABESTOK (Denmark), album - Én gang rådden, altid rådden (Black, Modern)
På gravens rand
— This stood out to me starkly against the rest of the albums, with the weird raw production, notes of 60’s garage rock, and the sexy rocking psychedelic meandering black metal that stayed weird and creepy and evil. An album that sounds different with every listen.

Best Album Art

Scarred (Luxembourg), album - S/T

KLUVIM (Israel), album - Om Mani Padme Hum

Altered Dead, album - Returned To Life

Werewolves, album - What A Time To Be Alive

Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum (Belarus), album - Šahrartu

Mordkaul, album - Dress Code: Blood

Black Hole Deity, album - Lair Of Xenolich

Culted (Sweden), album - Nous

Anatomia (Japan), album - Corporeal Torment

Nightfall (Greece), album - At Night We Prey

Turris Eburnea (Italy), album - S/T

Grima (Russia), album - Rotten Garden

Unflesh (New Hampshire), album - Inhumation

Spectral Lore (Greece), album - Ετερόφωτος

Grey Aura (Netherlands), album - Zwart vierkant

Oryx (Denver), album - Lamenting A Dead World

Erdve (Lithuania), album - Savigaila

Graveslave (MN), album - No Center

Creeping Death (TX), album - The Edge of Existence

Atræ Bilis (CAN), album - Apexapien

Hate (Poland), album - Rugia

Sunless (MN), album - Ylem

Worm (FL), album - Foreverglade

Burial (Italy), album - Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos

Abscession (Sweden), album - Rot of Ages

Civerous (LA), album - Decrepit Flesh Relic

Khemmis (Denver), album - Deceiver

Cadaveric Fumes (France), album - Echoing Chambers of Soul

Ferriterium (France), album - Calvaire