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Jan 1, 2014

Happy New Year!! Eh.

Act of Impalement’s whole album has a ton of stuff going on, including crust and sick riffs.

Necromancer's Theme: Act of Impalement (Nashville) (0:28-4:31)

Baptists are filthy, new album came out early 2013 and I guess I missed them.  Glad I finally checked them out.

Soiled Roots: Baptists (Vancouver) (5:46-10:53)

Monkeypriest spinoff, so I was immediately intrigued – Monkeypriest is phenomenal fuzzy sludge.  This is more psychedelic, and incorporates a lot of instruments. 

Arrache-coeur: TENTUDÍA (Spain) (11:24-15:13)

A389 Recording's newest Napalm Christ, put together a vinyl of their demo stuff, and will be putting out a full debut album soon.  Members of Rwake and Pale Unearthed.

Nuclear Holy War: Napalm Christ (Arkansas) (15:48-19:57)

Your Highness is a beerriffic awesome band, and this split is a great way to check them out.


Death Knell: Your Highness (20:21-25:29)

Denver hardcore punk band that has a NSFW logo, that I kept opening to at work.

Piston: Catholic Girls (Denver) (26:25-30:03)

Seriously epic split from (who?) LWFDIHH and Uroboros.  Full-on album, dark and righteous.

Аякс: LWFDIHH (Russia) (30:25-35:41)

90’s death metal band out of the grave brings forth their version of modernized death. 

I Vomit This World: Mercyless (France) (35:57-38:33)

Primitive Man, who I forgot, even though everyone loves them, does this version of Crowbar.  I listened again, and remembered how brutal they are.

Suffering Brings Wisdom: Primitive Man (Denver) (38:52-45:17)

Italian black metal.

Engravings: Vollmond (Italy) (45:54-51:28)

Negative Standards and Whitehorse on a new split.  They are an Oakland “art crust” project, who use non-instruments in their sound.  They are anonymous.

XIII: Negative Standards (Oakland) (51:59-54:10)

Happy New Year with a nostalgic goodie!!

Surprise: a band from your high school memories