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She Likes It Heavy

Nov 13, 2013

I babble on about my love for Fade, his numerous incredible bands, his talent for tapping perfectly into what made 80's and 90's industrial so great while still retaining the most modern unique edge.  I think he is the most influential industrial artist right now.

Vestige Lights: Statiqbloom (Brooklyn) (0:28-6:18)

Skinny Puppy's best album since Too Dark Park.

saLvo: Skinny Puppy (formerly Vancouver/now LA) (9:11-12:56)

In continuation of the 120 Minutes vibe, gorgeous neo-alternative from members of Secret Chiefs, Kayo Dot, etc.

Incomplete Burning: Vaura (NYC) (13:19-18:42)

My new favorite 2-piece band.

Red Moon Foreboding: Cara Neir (Dallas) (19:11-24:53)

OMG THE BEST HEAVY METAL ALBUM THIS YEAR.  Total 80's music montage music.

March of the Masters of Doom: Crimson Dawn (Italy) (26:19-31:27)

From the smiling Danish blondes spews forth evil.

Tenebris: Hexis (Copenhagen) (31:57-33:58)

Czar first got on my nerves, and then I did a 180 to loving this truly varied album.

Fuming Rotter: Czar (Chicago) (34:33-39:04)

I am too old for Sick/Tired.

King of Dirt: Sick/Tired (Chicago) (39:46-44:05)

Frenchies Temple of Baal have become total pussies.  NOT.

The 10th Aethyr: Temple Of Baal (France) (45:06-51:30)

Spanish fuzz jam to make your thoughts bubbly.

Change Your Mind: Fungus (Spain) (51:41-57:05)

Just don't listen to the next band.  Your ears are too innocent.

Sepulchral Rites: Obliteration (Norway) (57:19-end!)