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She Likes It Heavy

Oct 16, 2013

Pennsylvanian horror metal/short hairy men walking around speaking with the sound of a cracked whip 

Beneath The Flood: Albatwitch (Pennsylvania) New! (0:28-3:28) 

The epicness of Opeth's song structures, but less cheese and more metal - you know, when Opeth ruled. 

Cavernous: Castevet (NYC) New! (4:32-11:43) 

Short demo that contains my favorite genre: blackened shrieks of romantic riffy sludge.  
Download for free: 

Progressive Blindness: Litany of Regrets (Italy) New! (12:13-16:58) 

Fade, who I love, is not only in the brilliant Batillus, but also in this straight-up industrial band Theologian. 

Black Cavern Myopia: Theologian (NYC) New! (17:41-22:04) 

Mutha f'ing loud. 

Denial of the Species: The Body (Portland, OR) New! (23:00-26:58) 

Super tight crust that breaks down in technical riffs all over the place. 

Born Under A Guillotine: Deathrite (Germany) New! (27:08-29:22) 

I talk about why putting up free electronic downloads for bands that self-release is a GREAT idea. Kerala is smart mathy badass prog. 

Pyramid of Darkness: Kerala (Canada) New! (29:48-34:32) 

I had no idea this was an all-female band.  It has nothing to do with me loving them. Their slayer tribute band name is Slaywhore. 

Final Hour: Mortals (Brooklyn)  New! (34:59-42:12) 

A little different sound - heavy electronica. 

All Human is Error: Teeth of the Sea (London) New! (43:04-47:05) 

Mike Scheidt gives his 2 cents to this Red Fang song! 

Dawn Rising: Red Fang (Portland) New! (47:23-53:34) 

El Camino's vocals are my favorite part of this very catchy album. 

Torn: El Camino (Sweden) New! (54:07-END)