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She Likes It Heavy

Oct 9, 2013

Oranssi Pazuzu is too weird to pick a genre.  Let's leave it at experimental psychedelic black metal.  They have been on my yearly top list before.  

TyhjÄ Temppeli: Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland) New! (0:28-4:44) 

Epic breakdowns in the midst of extreme.   

Tragic Orbit: A Doomed Cosmic Starship: Orbweaver (Miami) New! (5:52-12:17) 

Earthless is jamming madness.  As tight and perfect as ever. 

Violence Of The Red Sea: Earthless (San Diego) New! (12:39-20:34) 

You can hear that Gigan is from Florida, those crazy Floridians.  Then they moved to Chicago to become huge.  This is technical extreme stuff, but in compositions that are ok for the non-extreme ear. 

Obsidian Sun: Gigan (Chicago) New! (21:27-25:31) 

F'n 80's bro. 

No Peace Beyond The Line: Argus (Pennsylvania) New! (26:17-31:04) 

A fully diverse album with an incredible vocalist, they dive into rock, black metal, acoustic. 

Inamorata: Night Heir (Portland, OR) New! (31:37-37:58) 

Domovoyd is solid Finnish massive sludge. 

Mammoth: Domovoyd (Finland) (from 2012 E.P., new album releases this week) (38:30-44:43) 

Divey crusty Brooklyn band Villains will probably kick your ass. 

Drinking Double Acting Single: Villains (Brooklyn) New! (45:44-48:49) 

Female vocalist tells you to F off in classic thrash tunes.  Yep, I'd listen. 

F.O.A.D: Mortillery (Edmonton, Canada) early 2013 (49:04-53:17) 

Truly astounding album from Mexico, it took me by surprise, maybe it shouldn't, at how huge this album is.  Mega diverse, extremely tight.   

Ingolstadt: Akûma (Mexico) 2012 (54:03-END!)