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She Likes It Heavy

Aug 21, 2013

I can't help focusing on one genre over another sometimes, even though some fans don't like the accidental focus! Depends on the waves of what is new at the time. 

Tribulation techs out, but doesn't become nerd cheese progressive.  

RĂ¥nda: Tribulation (Sweden) New! (0:28-6:36)

Phantom Glue is a solid fun riffy sludgy album with great vocals that don't annoy me after listening to a hundred albums in a row putting this stupid show together.   

Test Pattern: Phantom Glue (Boston) New! (8:02-13:02)

Earthling may make my top albums of 2013. Thrash, blackened, classic metal with modern evil twists?  

Pass Into Beyond: Earthling (Richmond, VA) New! (14:15-21:00)

Dark Buddha Rising is the epitome of psychedelic perfected. Whisky is needed.

M: Dark Buddha Rising (Finland) New! (21:32-27:11)

My favorite French hardcore band, not classic hardcore, tons of slowed down metal riffs breaking the sound.

Smell of An Addict: Cowards (France) (28:07-31:56)

I talk about the top notch bands from Greece, blowing most of the international scene out of their sky blue water.

The End of the Sun: Lunatic Medlar (Greece) New! (32:24-38:06)

Wreck and Reference is industrial, the lead singer plays some synth thingy wildly on stage.

Absurdities & Echoes: Wreck and Reference (LA) (38:30-42:12) 

School's Out for the Summer in the beginning riff perhaps. Poland is becoming a Finland, they are pure and raw in their creativity.  

Zoloft: Nihilosaur (Poland) (42:38-46:58)

Finland. Nuff said.

In Lunacy: Muawijhe (Finland) New! (47:43-54:21)

Members of Electric Wizard and Ramesses, but more evil.

Reapers Ruin: 11 Paranoias (U.K) New! (55:02-END)