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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

Aug 8, 2013

The stench of my show is back in full force!

Revitalists Scorpion Child has a debut album that dabbles in both early 70's and 80's vocals.

Polygon of Eyes: Scorpion Child (Austin, TX) New!(0:28-4:51)

Mammoth Grinder comes in a neat little 30 minute package of galloping hardcore technical metal, even a little doom.

Cogs in the Machine: Mammoth Grinder (Austin, TX) New! (5:38-8:45)

2 piece Beast in the Field packs a thick loud sound of fun.

Wakan Tanka: Beast In The Field (Michigan) New!(9:03-14:21)

Reminiscent of Karp in places, Black Tusk has a new upbeat album.

Internal/External: Black Tusk (Georgia) New! (14:32-19:17)

Modern psychedelic hard riffed Canadian band Pyres has some epic guitars.

Deserter: Pyres (Toronto) New! (19:47-24:28)

Don't dismiss geÄst as just another black metal band.  This is something to check out! The riffs totally break, they have some awesome fun sounds in here.

NebellebeN: geÄst (Germany) New!(25:20-31:39)

Swedish swedish gorgeous rock.

AMANITA KINGDOM: Waning Moon (Sweden) New!(31:56-38:56)

Revocation does thrash perfectly.  Perfectly.

Invidious: Revocation (Boston) New! (39:23-43:48)

Old school Integrity has come out with something totally classic heavy metal, with a touch of hardcore - their specialty. 

Lucifer Before The Day Doth Go: Integrity (Cleveland) New!(44:15-47:55)

Memphis's version of Batillus?!?  This band has it going on.

Son of Crow: Crowlord (Memphis) New!(48:46-54:55)

Yellow Eyes is becoming one of my favorite truly underground black sounds, and from NYC, that place gets it right a lot of the time.

Hammer of Night: Yellow Eyes (NYC) New!(55:25-end)