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She Likes It Heavy

Jul 24, 2013

This is my second week of semi-vacation from the show.  I am feeling especially nostalgic lately, could be that I am turning 40 this week and I feel really far removed from my childhood, AND I AM SAD ABOUT THAT.  I started last week with some new wave and alternative songs, and this week is some high school parking lot music. 

Welcome Home (Sanitarium): Metallica (0:28-6:52)

I’m Eighteen: Alice Cooper (6:53-9:44)

18 and Life: Skid Row (9:45-13:33)

In Trance (Live): Scorpions (13:34-17:34)

When The Children Cry: White Lion (17:35-21:43)

Here I Go Again: Whitesnake (21:44-26:13)

In the Night: Triumph (26:43-32:50)

Metal Health: Quiet Riot (32:51-38:05)

Nobody’s Fool: Cinderella (38:06-42:41)

Bringing on the Heartbreak/Switch 625: Def Leppard  (43:13-50:48)

Sweet Emotion: Aerosmith (50:49-55:38)

Would: Alice in Chains (55:39-END!)