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Jul 4, 2013

Aggressive and catchy riffs, this is an album to buy FO SHO.

Howling House: Take Over and Destroy (TOAD) (Arizona) New! (0:28-5:10)

I talk about loving the Finnish and their weird isolated ways.   

Forest: Horse Latitudes (Finland) New! (6:02-12:06)

Menacing and slower than the usual black metal.

Hordes Of The North: Solothus (Finland) New! (12:27-19:53)

Psychedelia from Finland!

Transmission from the Mad Arab: Cardinals Folly (Finland) New! (20:09-21:57)

Super group of grind band members create a conceptual band based on the TV series “V”!!! Huh?

Deadly Viral Strain: Quest of Aidance (Sweden) New! (22:26-26:05)

Om goes dub.

Addis Ababa: Om (Oakland) New! (dub) (26:52-31:14)

Black Sheep Wall has one of the sexiest vocals.  Brutal and emotional, not pussy.

Provider: Black Sheep Wall (LA) New! (31:35-36:50)

Japanese soundtrack for animated alien porn (at least in my head). 

The Golden Apples Of The Sun Pt.1: Zletovsko (Japan) New! (37:07-42:06)

Canada does psychedelic black metal – which means they break up the harshness with organic sounds.

The Medusa Picture: Paths (Canada) New! (42:29-46:55)

Cult of Occult is way more diverse than this song is letting on. Hopefully you see how catchy and rocking they are.

DCLXVI: Cult Of Occult (France) New! (47:36-50:26)

Italian groove with some evil accompanying vocals.

Mad Donna: Stöner Kebab (Italy) New! (50:35-54:16)

Brooklyn band comes out with some rock with grunge-y vocals – which I love in this band.

The Toe: Kings Destroy (Brooklyn) New! (54:53-END!)