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Hairy Berlin band Kadavar has made the leap from TeePee Records to Nuclear Blast because I guess they are getting popular.  One of the best 70’s Revitalist bands, up there with Graveyard. 

Doomsday Machine: Kadavar (Berlin) New! (0:28-5:12)

New Church of Misery is fun.

Brother Bishop: Church of Misery (Japan) New! (5:54-13:09)

Evile started off as a Metallica cover band and it shines through.  Kill ‘Em All and James Hetfield all over this.  Classic thrash. 

Words of the Dead: Evile (U.K.) New! (13:36-17:50)

French Seth is speed (reminds me of Skeletonwitch!) and black and horror, but lighter than dark. 

In Aching Agony: Seth (France) New! (18:16-24:19)

One of my weirdo friends is in Young Lions.

TheCracksInEverything: Young Lions (Oakland/SF) New! (25:12-30:58)

EPIC Eibon is catchy raspy epicness.  2 new songs and 40 minutes, I had to cut this song short.

The Void Settlers: Eibon (France) New! (31:28-38:02)

New Mercyful Fate! Ok, a new Norwegian band that definitely loves Mercyful Fate anyway. 

Master of the Temple:  Magister Templi (Norway) New! (38:16-44:13)

Estonians make beer-riffic rock.  It is an amalgamation of sludge and 70’s and weird vocals.

Wooden Spaceship: Liblikas (Estonia) New! (45:07-51:22)

Instrumental stoner band bros.

Perlenbacher: Wangunst (Netherlands) New! (51:30-53:13)

English band loves their Sabbath roots.

Rush of Power: Age of Taurus (U.K.) New! (53:27-END)

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