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She Likes It Heavy

May 8, 2013

Vektor! Vektor!! I love this band – if you can, check them out live at the Parkside on Saturday of Memorial day weekend.  This song is LIVE and on their new E.P.

Tetrastructural Minds: Vektor (Arizona) New E.P.! (0:28-5:45)

Swedish Agrimonia is sweetened black metal, I hear some emotion.

The Battle Fought: Agrimonia (Sweden) New! (6:23-13:04)

Psychedelic rocking and stuff, heavy riffs.

Whispers of Chaos: Valfader (England) New! (13:21-21:15)

A couple of minutes of mosh your face in hardcore.  By the way, don’t touch me if we are in the pit, I hate you mosher.

Armchair Activist: Gets Worse (U.K.) (21:29-23:06)

Hexvessel focuses on their bluesy 60’s turning into 70’s vocals.  Bro from the U.K. went to Finland to pick up the rest of the guys in the band.

Tunnel at the End of the Light: Hexvessel (Finland) New! (23:46-29:15)

Brutal technical Frenchie stuff.  Picture a metal band and a toy yorkie with a beret.

In Utero: A Place of Hatred and Threat: Svart Crown (France) (29:27-34:25)

Brother and sister make up the Devil’s Blood.  Officially they hate each other and will not play together again.

...If Not a Vessel?: The Devil’s Blood (U.K.) (34:45-38:38)

Riffy black metal.

Woven: Portent (England) New! (38:47-44:09)

Kripl brings forth the raw punk – what else can you expect from Slovenia.

Your Pride: Kripl (Slovenia) New! (44:54-47:28)

English fuzz.

Prophets of Saturn: Prophets of Saturn (England) New! (47:32-52:14)

Vikernes of Burzum says this is his last metal song.  It could make up the soundtrack of a very romantic zombie movie.

Back To Shadows: Burzum (Norway) New, and last song ever? (52:30-54:56)

Stones Throw band Gozu – kind of SoundGardenish, eh.  I listened to it again and didn’t like it as much.  I am fickle.

Disco Related Injury: Gozu (Boston) New! (55:19-END