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She Likes It Heavy

May 2, 2013

Woe is tight black metal with a sprinkling of thrash and a smidgen of 80's ballad that makes my mullet pop out of my head.

Exhausted: Woe(Brooklyn/Philly) New! (0:28-6:21)

Orchid doesn't care about San Francisco, but they sound like early Scorps so I unfortunately like the bastards.

Nomad: Orchid (allegedly San Francisco) New! (7:23-13:35)

Old school metal, straight up, from Sinistrous Diabolus, which is the best name.

Sleep of the Damned Pt. II: Sinistrous Diabolus (Australia) New! (14:02-18:57)

Howl plays out in the Northeast a lot, and the band members support the scene by going to every show, or at least the ones I would be attending. This new album is better than their last.

Midnight Eyes: Howl (Rhode Island) (19:14-23:26)

Uncle Acid fuzzes its garage rock in a new album, it is nostalgia-inducing stuff.

Desert Ceremony: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (Cambridge, U.K.) New! (23:52-28:53)

Texas death Imprecation will be coming out with a new album in June.

From Beyond the Fiery Temples: Imprecation(Texas) Not yet released! (29:44-34:27)

Angizia is circus, classical, extreme. Listen to this stuff, wait for the brutality to unleash.

Weh Und Wunde Mich Ergötzt: Angizia(Austria) New! (34:54-40:55)

I favor Canadian bands.

Always Die Slowly: Irn(Toronto) New! (41:18-48:57)

Heavy Pale Horseman with a Neurosis-esque lead singer.

Fork in the Road: Pale Horseman(Chicago) New! (49:34-55:05)

Swedish post-metal ala The Ocean (share members) and Cult of Luna.

Raveneye: The Old Wind(Sweden) New! (55:48-END)