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She Likes It Heavy

Mar 27, 2013

Figure Your Life Out:  Ken Mode (Winnipeg) New! (0:28-5:34)

Ken Mode’s 5th and best album.  I like that it doesn’t depend too much on technical, and they soften the math-y edges with good clean vocals and compositions.  They still kick ass.  

Gorgeous drone and instrumental Aidan, Italians know this genre really well.  Free download!

Ptosis: Aidan (Italy) New! (6:25-12:13)

French medieval carnival avante-garde, and some dreamy story-telling, reminding me of the Wall by Pink Floyd. 

La Sirène: Pensées Nocturnes (France) New! (12:36-18:38)

Yes! More 70’s revitalist stuff from Sweden, woo hoo!! This JAMS!

Solar Butterfly: Sgt. Sunshine (Sweden) New! (19:03-24:31)

New Beastwars! Best band name and they have a beer named after them!

Imperium: Beastwars (New Zealand) New! (25:09-29:39)

Rich production, bluesy female lead singer, new on Relapse.

Blue: Royal Thunder (Atlanta) New! (29:59-37:50)

Rocking death metal-style, but not death metal.  Very badass riffs that kick in.

Witchfinder: Druid Lord (Florida) (Reissued) (38:14-43:07)

Ex-Pentagram Victor Griffin has a new band, Victor Griffin’s In-Graved, they will be playing at Roadburn.  Biker rock, and old school.

Late For An Early Grave: Victor Griffin’s In-Graved (Virginia) (this song is not new, but included in the new album) (43:43-47:46)

I talk about Conan and Bongripper coming out with a new split.  I also talk about the trend of live albums, that I am not a big fan of.  Sort of a “hey fan, spend some money” sort of thing, without offering anything new.  HOWEVER, when the band is better live than recorded, then it makes sense.  Misery Index has been one of the best live bands I have EVER seen.  Their brutality stems from their technical prowess, and I have no idea how they stay so tight.  Their lead singer is also a babe.

Siberian (2012 Remix - live): Misery Index (Baltimore) New! (48:52-53:24)

Psychedelic and progressive King Goat!

Cosmic Mastermind: King Goat (England) New! (53:41-END!)