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She Likes It Heavy

Mar 20, 2013

Tower of Silence: Cathedral (U.K.) New! (0:28-7:19)

Metal Blade is releasing the brand new and final Cathedral album next month.  I got into them fairly recently about 10 years ago with the compilation album Serpent’s Gold.  The new song is on the same path - early era heavy metal sound with modern thick crunchy catchy riffs.

Audrey Horne is beer rock, for the high school kid in all of us feeling tough.  By the way if you were not alive during the 80’s, first fuck you and second Audrey Horne was a character in the show Twin Peaks.)

Redemption Blues: Audrey Horne (Norway) New! (8:12-12:42)

Thrawsunblat has three members from Woods of Ypres - from Ontario.  This band rocks way more than Woods.  I am playing this particular song in honor of St. Patty’s Day – it has a folksy quality.

Song of the Nihilist: Thrawsunblat (Canada) New! (13:02-18:44)

I am forever indebted to my friend Zach who turned me onto this 2012 album from Swedish anonymous band Head of the Demon.  Very cult 70’s horror.

By Titan Hand: Head of the Demon (Sweden) (2012) (19:03-25:17)

In honor of fantastic drumming I heard earlier this week – Earthless and Mammatus – I bring you Voices, a band in a completely different genre, but drumming that CLEAVES.

Creating The Museaum Of Rape: Voices (U.K.) New! (26:07-32:28)

Windhand and Cough have a brand new split, the following is one of the Windhand songs – very dirty psychedelic bass sound.

Amaranth: Windhand (Richmond, Virginia) New! (33:04-40:04)

With “Circle of Dead Children” vocals, this death metal band is a richer doom production, and then speedy death riffs kick in. 

Excommunicated from Light: Old Chapel (Russia)New! (40:23-46:25)

Dark rock with sexy lady vocals from Brazil, with 2 added awesome vocals, really dig the male vocals.  I akin them to Hammers of Misfortune, the early stuff, the only stuff I know.   

Life is War: Fanttasma (Brazil) New! (46:58-51:50)

Aosoth may bring the best black metal album of the year, released next month, but here is a sneak peak. 

An Arrow In Heart: Aosoth (France) New! (52:31-END!)