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She Likes It Heavy

Feb 28, 2013

Reminds me of Buried Inside, that harsh post-metal emotional dark singing.
Dei Absolutte Krav Og Den Absolutte Nade: Altaar(Norway) New!(0:28-6:00)

Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats is poppy psychedelic 60’s horror, new record coming out in March. Their last album was in my top list of 2011.

Poison Apple:Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats (U.K.) New! (7:05-11:15)

Rich black metal drums, but way more complex vocals mixing in with progressive.

Invisible Wounds: Sannhet (NY) New! (11:39-15:24)

Subterranean Masquerade did a cover of Cuts You Up (Peter Murphy)! They have a lot of ethnic and dark wave metal - they have been around for a long time.

Home: Subterranean Masquerade (Brooklyn) New! (15:56-21:31)

Organ rock organ rock organ psychedelic awesome rock!! I HEART THIS BAND!!!

Concrete Krieger: Stonehenge (Germany) New! (22:21-29:56)

As I describe, exquisitely ethereal screeches, awesome beautiful non-harsh black metal.

Vii: Rorcal (Switzerland) New! (30:33-36:34)

Bluesy organ rock, again an awesome Palm Springs champagne desert rock band.

Heavy Like A Witch : All Them Witches (Nashville) (37:01-42:35)

Bad fucking ass.

Ur Nanna Ur Nanna: Ithuriel (Netherlands) New! (43:12-50:08)

I am sorry, but this show really rocked. A lot of these bands are bands to watch for the end of the year list. Yes, that rockin good bros. Belgium!! MMM!!

Welldweller:Lothorian (Belgium) New! (50:24-55:13)

Hot desert rock, picture big skies and heady heavy beats from Mexico.
Devegan: Bilis Sicario (Mexico) New! (55:36-END)