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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

Feb 14, 2013

Crazy evil horror costumes for their live show. The lead singer is in a weird Pope hat and his fingers are long and mangled, and he sings through a mask. Technical and demonic noise, really original.

Plasm: Portal (Australia) (0:28-6:14) New!

Swiss band brings forth very rich black metal influenced music, but emotional, so it pulls you in.

Dead Trees Are Wandering At Night: Vuyvr(Switzerland) (7:36-12:55)New!

The Heavy Eyes is one of my favorite blues rock bands, the vocalist is sexy and the music jams.

One Hand on the Buffalo: The Heavy Eyes (Memphis) (13:17-16:37) New!

Meshuggah’s new E.P. is industrial-ish –they were always math-y and progressive, but I like the industrial feel to Pitch Black. His vocals isn’t a pounding sledgehammer, so listenable. Bands like saxophones nowadays.

Pitch Black:Meshuggah (Sweden) New! (17:06-22:50) New!

Early 80’s post-punk mixed with modern atmospheric vocals. Moody, great for wine party.

City Evenings: A Light In the Dark(Russia) (23:52-29:34) New!

Portland burner band – great climactic riffs, intense lead up to headbang. I expect to hear more from this band.

Empirical Evidence Of A Deranged God: Usnea(Portland) (30:07-38:11) New!

Swedish doom with great emotional intensity. This is one of the stronger doom bands - not your Mom's doom.

The Portals: Kongh (Sweden) (38:48-46:10) New!

16th album from old school Kansas metal band Manilla Road. His vocals are awesome 80's, and the ballads are fantastic. These oldies made some fresh sounds bro.

Hermitage: Manilla Road (Kansas) (47:01-52:59) New!

Swedish death with some punk and energy that may get you out of your Lazy-Boy.

Sick in the Dead: Tormented (Sweden) 53:25-END!