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New Darkthrone releasing February 25.  This song has riffs galore, 80’s feel and nod to Mercyful Fate.

Leave No Cross Unturned: Darkthrone (Norway) (New! Releases February 25) (0:28-7:01)

Innumerable Forms has a guy from Mind Eraser, buildup of atmosphere but still technical and fast.

Frozen Death: Innumerable Forms (Boston) (comp of new and old!)(8:06-13:14)

Sea of Bones is influenced by Batillus and YOB in excellent ways and is playing with them.

Free download:

Chapter V: Sea of Bones (New Haven, CT) New! (shortened) (13:53-20:22)

Local band Minot with members from many other awesome bands; must see them live – post-hardcore, technical and math-y. 

Reiki: Minot (Oakland) (21:12-28:30)

Blackened hardcore and vicious, this song I hear Pain of J by YOB.

To the Cross: Black Mass (U.K.) New! (29:29-33:42)

Hilarious band White Wizzard has a spin-off retro band.  But to just call this retro is doing it an injustice, this band RULES (and rocks).

Bestia Triumphans: Holy Grail (LA area) New! (34:10-39:56)

Rotten Sound from Finland can kill you within a minute.

Salvation: Rotten Sound (Finland) New! (40:28-42:11)

Neon Worship is frigging so rocking, super catchy.

Weather Breeder: Neon Worship (Ohio) New! (42:34-47:53)

Sludgened atmosphere from Ukranian band Nonsun, very emotional.

Rain Have Mercy: Nonsun (Ukraine) New! (shortened) (48:50-55:37)

Melodic sludge with great vocals. 

The Desert: March the Desert (U.K.) (56:03-END!)

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