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She Likes It Heavy

Nov 14, 2012

Buried With Leeches: Dragged Into Sunlight (Liverpool) (0:29-7:12)


(New 3 song album that are super evil, riffy and one of the best this year) 


(Atriarch versus Christian Death? I don’t think so.  But Atriarch have a great twist of old industrial and new blackened metal)


Offerings: Atriarch (Portland) New! (8:30-14:13)


(Houston’s Omotai has a female bassist playing hardcore proggy grind)


Spidercave: Omotai (Houston) New! (14:34-18:30)


(Ancient VVisdom will be opening for Enslaved on their 2013 tour; they are acoustic occult; yes ACOUSTIC singing you evil satanic hymns; the lead vocalist is super sexy) 


The Opposition: Ancient VVisdom (Austin) New! (19:19-22:44)


(Spanish Alter of Sin plays hard old school thrash)


Tales of Carnage: Alter of Sin (Spain) New! (23:05-26:35)


(Horseback and Locrian reissuing on Relapse with extra tracks; Horseback is usually drone – the next song is more structured)   


Ahriman: Horseback (North Carolina) (27:52-31:47)


(Boulder Colorado hardcore in the hiz-house!)


Failure: Ironhorse (Boulder) New! 32:07-35:06)


(The French YOB!)


Mare: Crown (France) (35:31-43:06)


(Thick bass and dirty riffs in London band Limb)


Dead Voice: Limb (London) New! (43:27-47:21)


(Post-rock Cathedraal is very pretty screaming French)


La ville brûle depuis des jours: Cathedraal (not misspelled!) (France) New! (48:20-53:16)


(Old school heavy metal with a sludge twist!)


Dagon's Bell: Arkham Witch (U.K.) (54:01-END)