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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

Oct 24, 2012

Embers and Revelations: Weapon (Calgary) (0:29-4:19)


(Bangladeshan lead singer of Weapon is truly Satanic, but not contrived and totally brutal)


(Definitely one of the top hard blues revitalist albums of the year, the very brand new band Heat from Germany; super sexy) 


Illusion: Heat (Germany) (New!) (6:43-12:16)


(Canadians Bison B.C. do their country proud with their gorgeous vocalist and heavy loud doom)


Finally Asleep: Bison B.C. (Vancouver) (New!) (12:35-19:19)


(Indesinence brings forth the death with a modern twist of doom and ambient, very smart)


Communion: Indesinence (U.K) New! (19:52-25:31)


(Again, the mix of ambient with hard is awesome; Germany has its own slew of awesome albums this year, and Voltron is one of them)


13 Liter Bohrmaschine: Voltron (Berlin) (26:18-34:05)


(Germans Black Shape of Nexus is one of the best this year, no doubt, seriously, I am so happy I found this band – incredibly complex; drone but heavier)


60 WV: Black Shape Of Nexus (Germany) (34:24-41:58)


(Catchy thick gorgeous riffs from Stoneburner who have played with some of my favorite bands this year (Yob!!))


Marriage: Stoneburner (Portland) New! (42:32-49:42)


(I have played Lento before – they have come out with another weird, diverse and instrumental album mixing post-metal with prog and dark mood)


Questions and Answers: Lento (Rome) New! (50:57-54:43)


(I can no longer hold it against the Sword that they are catchy and stylized because they are fresh and talented and diverse within each of their albums)


The Veil of Isis: The Sword (Austin) New! (55:37-end)