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She Likes It Heavy

Oct 17, 2012

Next week: HEAT!! (from Germany)
All Is Found...In Time: Neurosis (Oakland) New! (0:29-9:09)

(Legendary Neurosis comes out with another studio album, and even though I don't think anyone is going to be naming this album their favorite album from this band, it is still Neurosis, and you need to hear it)


(Graveyard had my #2 spot last year for best album, and I listened to it the most out of any other album (Hisingen Blues, if you don't have it, go get it, it is fantastic) Now their new album is as strong, I love them, they are soulful 70's rock that makes you groove) 
Goliath: Graveyard (Sweden) New! (10:24-13:09)


(Next four bands are Canadian - dark, evil stuff.  The next band is holy crap loud and I think super romantic)


The Churning Of The Milky Sea: Haggatha (Vancouver) New! (13:42-19:19)


(Evil and satanic Pestkreuz - debut songs)

Ars Moriendi: Pestkreuz (Vancouver) New! (19:30-25:04)


(Death metal Abyss has a new album out)


Splatterhouse: Abyss (Canada) New! (25:50-28:23)


(Toronto's own heavy metal will make you reminisce of video game playing and beer drinking on Saturday nights when you were young and pimply - super old school)


Burning Fortune: Cauldron (Toronto) New! (28:47-31:24)


(Swedish rock has room for more - Mother of God is not like Graveyard, but they riff hard.  They DO have a little Seattle influence in their vocals but don't be a snob, this is good stuff)


Aim for the Sun: Mother of God (Sweden) New! (31:58-36:51)


(Intense, progressive, very technical.  This band is not so obvious in their aggression though,  they make room for some more complexity)

Scarlet Rising: Eryn Non Dae (France) New! (37:12-42:30)


(Swedish style fuzzy rock groove from Portland, but with an awesome female vocalist)

Holy Grove: Holy Grove (Portland) (42:51-49:00)


(Very intelligent Cultura Tres from Venezuela is not about drinking and smoking, but more political.  They are a band to watch out for and have headlined Desertfest with Orange Goblin this past year)


El Sur de la Fe: Cultura Tres (Venezuela) (50:05-54:26)


(Eh, Pig Destroyer, I join the marketing onslaught, sheesh, I wonder what overrated band is going to make it to everyone's top album list)


Burning Palm: Pig Destroyer (Virginia/D.C) New! (55:00-END)