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Oct 10, 2012

Deconstruction: Witchcraft (Sweden) New! (0:29-5:35)


(New awesome album by Witchcraft, I like it as much/better than the previous albums, seriously fucking kickass)


(Ihsahn of Emperor has come out with a new solo album that is pretty avant-garde and crazy; and he is headlining  Roadburn’s 2013 Afterburner show)


The Grave: Ihsahn (Norway) New! (dude from Emperor)(6:40-14:43)


(Colour Haze is one of the forefathers of this type of psychedelic music, new album with over 20 minute songs, here is a 2 minute one)


This: Colour Haze (Germany) New! (15:18-17:27)


(Rorcal from Switzerland is epically dark somber landscape but not typical, this is a good one)


Világvége V: Rorcal (Geneva) New! (17:47-21:46)


(Super fun jamming stuff from New Zealanders Von Thundersvolt, just say that out loud, isn’t it great.  Since they have post-punk vocals, I am all over it and stuff)


Beyond Space: Von Thundersvolt (New Zealand) (22:41-27:53)


(Thrash, grind, what do you expect from Relapse Records)


Teratogenesis: Revocation (Boston) New! (28:02-32:06)


(Alex and I went to see Burning Monk at the Parkside over the weekend, and I was very happy to hear them, sludgy hardcore thrash punk, but not young; smart stuff)


Fifteen Minutes of Lame: Burning Monk (Oakland) (32:32-35:26)


(Gorgeous climactic atmosphere.  You cannot miss this, from Latvia)


II: Tesa (Latvia) (35:43-43:00)


(Greece knows how to make them.  They do everything right now, one of the most important international heavy scenes right now – this one is a good fuzz party album)


7 flies: 1000mods (Greece) (43:21-48:08)


(Yellow Eyes is atypical black metal with diversity, this is a band that will become bigger, listen to them first)


Unlit Kingdom: Yellow Eyes (NYC) New! (48:56-56:00)


(Italians party)


Adrift: Gandhi’s Gunn (Italy) (56:39-end)