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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

Sep 19, 2012

Well well well, if you don't go to YOB this week, I don't know what to say.  I have an excuse, I will be 3000 miles away with hipsters at some NYC music festival.
Other than that, party on bros; I hope to come back from NYC completely exhausted and broke.
Hey, if anyone can find the band Heat for me, I will appreciate it, that is my next favorite band. 
I really like this show! Check it out this week!!
The Hogfather: Ugh (Germany) (0:28-4:14)


(Garage sounded Ugh has extremely distinct melodies and vocal styles).


(A new one from Hooded Menace!!  This is yet another full-length album after a short time, and even though it is less experimental than their past, a strong and worthy addition to your collection)


Summoned Into Euphoric Madness: Hooded Menace (Finland) new album! (5:09-10:46)


(Legendary record label Hydrahead died)


(I heart all Swedish 70’s music, and The Graviators are no different; they are coming out with a new album Evil Deeds – this one is from their last album, fucking spectacular, guitar gods)


Shapes Of Babylon: The Graviators (Sweden) (11:37-17:13)


(Birthday present Deathspell Omega was a great one: even though it pounds your head in with fury, it is completely relatable, and goes beyond the ordinary black and death)


Fiery Serpents: Deathspell Omega (France) (17:42-21:56)


(France has claimed themselves as lovers of the south and influenced by the American west, if that isn’t completely strange)


Sons of the Sun: Southern Badass (France) (22:18-28:45)


(Space rocksters Enos are London scenesters with their label mates Trippy Wicked; their first album comes with a comic book!)


In Space: Enos (UK) (29:40-36:57)


(If you can find me a band called Heat, with members from Samsara Blues Experiment, you better let me know, because they are frigging great and they have a stupid general name and self-titled album so un-googleable) 


(Instrumental Spanish band Black Smoke Dragon is gorgeous loudscape)


Fenechild: Black Smoke Dragon (Spain) (37:53-43:!4)


(Scary creepy noise from bro from Meatjack – his side project)


Eyes in Eyes: Darsombra (Baltimore) (44:02-50:02)


(Small Stone Recordings’ Suplecs came from punk rock but also are influenced by their dark southern sludge roots in New Orleans)


Switchblade: Suplecs (New Orleans) (50:24-55:49)


(Kannabinoid sing in sultry whiskey tones and just want a good time; see you next week!!)


Kannabinõid: Kannabinõid (Estonia) (56:19-end)