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She Likes It Heavy

Sep 5, 2012

Labor Day, can there be a better idea?  
This week’s entertainment suggestions:

Watch:  On Netflix "Last Days Here" documentary about the lead singer of Pentagram, Bobby Liebling

Go to:

Friday, September 7th – Project One Gallery from 6 to 8pm, Jet Martinez’s paintings – absolutely some of the best I have ever seen.  Ever. 251 Rhode Island Street.

Saturday, September 8th – Art show and shopping at Nooworks from 5 to 9pm. 395 Valencia Street.

Monday, September 10th – Gypsyhawk at the Elbo Room!!!

Tuesday, September 11th – my show on at 7pm PST wtf.


State Lines: Gypsyhawk (LA) (0:28-4:52)


(Labor Day weekend show, I kept true and did not “work” on the show – some new songs, bands that you should just hear, whattup)

(Gypsyhawk is on tour with their new album, you must go see them, I will be there)

(Bezoar is a band I have played before, a girl band from Brooklyn that is tremendously badass) 


Friend of My Enemy: Bezoar (Brooklyn)(5:38-10:46)


(Straight out of the punk and hardcore and rock bowels of San Francisco is Pins of Light with members of many bands you have heard about before, and you should probably go see them live or something)


Losing Sleep: Pins of Light (Mission, San Francisco) (11:11-14:24)


(Critically acclaimed Ash Borer plays a 12 minute song that I think you should just let your brain go and listen)


Phantoms: Ash Borer (somewhere in California) (14:51-23:10)


(Massachusett’s own Converge out with a new album, here is a new song – be careful with your ears)


Aimless Arrow: Converge (Massachusetts) (23:42-26:05)


(You may just want to get this album because of the album art – Beastwars is also this awesome HUGE sound)


Mihi: Beastwars (New Zealand) (26:19-29:58)


(Better late than sorry or something? From Castevet’s 2010 album Mounds of Ashes.  Some brutal shit)


Stones: Castevet (NYC) (30:07-35:18)


(4th, 5th time I have played this band?  Maybe this time it will stick?  This is a legendary band, Dawnbringer, and off their new album)


Enter Darkness: Dawnbringer (Chicago) (36:08-41:46)


(The French are like, so good.  Some diverse lovely stuff from Häshcut)


Dubbing House: Häshcut (France) (42:04-48:07)


(In the attitude of Labor Day, I am playing old Hooded Menace, because I am too lazy to get you the new stuff)


Fulfill the Curse: Hooded Menace (Finland) (48:29-end)