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She Likes It Heavy

Aug 8, 2012

Happy summer and fall!  It is a beautiful season of shows.
Upcoming Shows:
August 11th: Agalloch at the Great American
August 30th: Quest for Fire at the Independent
September 10th: Gypsyhawk at the Elbo Room
September 21st: YOB at Brick and Mortar (it is driving me CRAZY that I am missing my favorite band, I will be in NYC seeing Afghan Whigs, ok ok, not too bad)
September 21-23: All Tomorrow's Parties in NYC, featuring Afghan Whigs
September 29th: Mike Scheidt and Scott Kelly will be playing at the Hemlock, so I will be seeing Mike in one way or another.
October 9th: St. Vitus at the Independent, who will be kicking off their tour in September.  
November 7-8: Afghan Whigs at the Fillmore

Local band Orchid has been signed onto Nuclear Blast, not sure what it means when a band that I like gets a larger label.  But they will be coming out with some new songs this year and a new album in 2013.  Hopefully they will play in some small venues in San Francisco in the meantime. I am kind of getting sick of getting gouged by mid to large venues.

I made this show watching the Wrath of Khan and Curiosity landing on Mars and reading articles about Pussy Riot, so a simultanous joy, wonder and anger at it all.  


Chain up the Masses: Sons of Tonatiuh (Atlanta) (0:28-4:55)


(New favorite band Sons of Tonatiuh on GREEN VINYL from All that is Heavy; they are so crushingly badass)


(Tennessee drinks black sludgy water; Brother Ares will make you headbang and believe in the Tennessee way)


Brother Ares: Brother Ares (I fucking love Tennessee now) (5:47-13:40)


(True bio of Gorgantherron: In 1968 a top secret military mission launched (3) chimpanzees into space for data for future expeditions, the vessel was playing an endless loop of Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality and the first 2 iron maiden albums. 1972 was the last time communication was sent from the vessel.  In early 2010, scientists tracked an unknown object travelling through space into rural Indiana, where they were shocked to see the same vessel from 1968.  Nothing was found inside.  Months later, three men claimed to be the chimps, that they had been found by an advanced alien race who were disappointed in Earth humans, and changed the chimps into stunningly handsome men educated in guitar, bass and drums and listened to metal for years.)


Mothra: Gorgantherron (Indiana) (14:56-19:14)


(Godzilla Black is confusing experimental noise for weirdos)


Burning Wires: Godzilla Black (London)(19:34-23:58)


(Oregon is full of weirdos hiding in forests in cloaks being weird and screaming or something)

Umbilicus: Hell (Oregon)(24:13-32:06)


(Chicago’s Earthen Grave is like, popular or something, they have a chick on the violin and make good beer drinking rock)


Fallen: Earthen Grave (Chicago)(33:08-40:17)


(I picture myself right up front slamming my fist in the air to this live show, YET another awesome French band, Mudbath, and they have funny song titles)


Loserwood: Mudbath (Avignon, France)(40:35-46:47)


(Serpentine Path is Unearthly Trance + Electric Wizard but does not sound like Electric Wizard, WAY more evil; this song starts off slow but goes into its death metal roots)

Depravity: Serpentine Path (NY) (47:43-54:00)


Next up is some grindcore from Cellgraft, this is the longest song in their album, super speed and brutality, of course, from Florida.  If you don’t like them, it doesn’t matter, it is 16 seconds long.


False Sequence of Value: Cellgraft (Florida) (54:09-54:25)


(Telestrion are in spacesuits flying through the air, waving at you as you rock your fists out to their groove)


(As my friend Russ would say, Free Pussy Riot)


Molecule: Telestrion (Atlanta)(54:53-end)