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She Likes It Heavy

Jul 25, 2012

Snake Oil: Galaxicon (Memphis) (0:28-6:26)


(Galaxicon, I appreciate the name thanks, is reminiscent of the style of Batillus and YOB – blackened sludge) 

(Oh hell yeah my Swedish rock gods I will kneel down to the glory of your 70’s style rock, let me bask in the glow of your perfection I love you so much oh Swedish gods.  Oh yeah, this band rocks the organ)


Too Many Choices: Three Seasons (Sweden) (7:21-12:05)


(Metal influenced by circus music is not so illogical; talented misfits like each other’s art I guess)   


Left Behind as Static: A Forest of Stars (U.K.) (12:31-19:13)


(Crusty badass band from North Carolina has a short but heavy hitting new album)


The Holy Are The Broken: Torch Runner (North Carolina) (19:31-23:58)


(Odyssey’s debut album after a split with Black Pyramid; Swedish like my faves Horisont and Graveyard, so I am automatically their fan)


Wicked Witch: Odyssey (Sweden) (24:28-28:39)


(Unique countries bring their own unusual flavor to the genre, Romania and PAKISTAN?!  Come on, give it up for these bros)


Mountain Tusk: Nomega (Romania) (29:50-36:49)

Burial Ground: Dionysus (Pakistan!! Really!) (36:51-42:46)


(Sorceress jams, they JAM, and you gotto get into the groove, cause that groove rules, and the guitar riffs are magnificent) 


Jam: Sorceress (Ontario) (42:58-46:46)


(I break my rule regarding playing a song from the same new album, but if you don’t know Dawnbringer or how important they are, then you have a huge gap in your knowledge, this band is frigging the best and I BEG THEM TO TOUR PLEASE.  Dawnbringer is a forefather of this type of rock)


Perfect Water: Dawnbringer (Chicago) (47:34-54:10)


(Chilean metal goes down as earthy and luscious as their wine)


Sun of Moloch: Wrathprayer (Chile) (54:56-end)