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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

Mar 28, 2012

Intro (0-0:27)

Lähendama: Serious Beak (Sydney) (0:27-2:36)


(Mental metalists Serious Beak influenced by Secret Chiefs and Dillinger Escape Plan, intriguing album art of a vulturish bird being eaten by two other birds; experimental Spanish band Blooming Latigo made up of a bassist, 2 drummers and vocalist who are just awesomely weird)


Natrix Maura: Blooming Látigo (Spain) (3:25-8:19)




Battle in the Swamp: Conan (UK) (8:31-13:11)


(Lugnoro coming out with an album in May, put out by Ozium records in Sweden; anthemic Bloodhorse is classic kickass) 


Lugnoro: Lugnoro (Sweden) (13:52-19:59)

A Passing Thought to the Contrary: Bloodhorse (Boston) (20:30-24:59)


(New Zealand made a beer named after the band BEASTWARS)


Damn the Sky: BEASTWARS (New Zealand) (25:24-30:40)


(Arenna is AWESOME with Spanish vocals;  Leeches of Lore vocals are some of the best ever, this album is fantastic/highly recommended)


Receiving the Liquid Writings: Arenna (Spain) (31:20-37:01)

When The Sky Falls: Leeches Of Lore (New Mexico) (37:32-44:30)


(British rock Gentlemen’s Pistols in the vein of Witchcraft is one to see live)


Your Magesty: Gentlemen's Pistols (UK) (44:53-49:13)


(English disbanded band Mutts has 60s, 70s, 90s in the album; and a new one from High on Fire)


I Us You We: Mutts (UK) (49:48-54:09)

Madness of an Architect: High on Fire (Oakland) (54:11-end)