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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

Mar 21, 2012

Intro (0-0:27)

Fire: Asteroid (Sweden) (0:28-5:43)

(70’s revitalists show with bands influenced by all the 70’s greats.  Lots of bands from Scandinavia, including Asteroid; Graveyard’s first album reissued by TeePee records, in stores now) 

Ain't Fit To Live Here: Graveyard (Sweden) (7:12-10:15)

(Crusher Records’s Horisont with new album this week) 

High Time: Horisont (Sweden) (10:28-14:27)

(LA’s band Gypsyhawk is one of my faves – influenced by Thin Lizzy if you cannot tell!)

For Those Who Love the Lizz: Gypsyhawk (LA) (14:52-21:05)

(HOT Bill Steer who pioneered Carcass and Napalm Death started Firebird with a very different sound with Cathedral and Spiritual Beggars’ members)

Forsaken: Firebird (UK) (22:10-25:44)

(The Devil’s Blood is sister/brother; Orchid doesn’t mind being highly influenced by Black Sabbath)

The Yonder Beckons: The Devil's Blood (Netherlands) (26:15-32:06)

Capricorn: Orchid (San Francisco) (32:07-38:33)

(Lonely Kamel is coming out with a 3rd album soon; Dozer’s spinoff group Greenleaf are awesome)

Evil Man: Lonely Kamel (Norway) (39:22-42:23)

Masterplan: Greenleaf (Sweden) (42:24-45:33)

(Sungrazer is a more modern 70's sound;   Uncle Acid was on my 2011 top 20 list)

Octo: Sungrazer (Netherlands) (45:53-49:02)

I'm Here To Kill You: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats (UK) (49:03-52:37)

(Austrian group Been Obscene first whose album is very diverse – like psychedelic and experimental and spacey; Thunderlip has been influenced by Judas Priest/Iron Maiden

Uniform: Been Obscene (Austria) (53:07-56:57)

Prophecy II (The Second Coming): Thunderlip (North Carolina) (56:58-end)