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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

Mar 14, 2012

Intro (0-0:27)

The Serpent Lives: Junior Bruce (Florida) (0:28-5:23)


(Ex-Bloodlet spin-off Junior Bruce is southern rock/hardcore vocals; 2 piece girl band Mares of Thrace, ex-bassist of Ken Mode - 2010’s Canadian metal album of the year, touring in May)


General Sherman: Mares of Thrace (Calgary) (6:13-11:01)


(Verdun doomy and atmospheric and very original; horribly named Iron Mtn but still a good psychedelic band)


LAST MAN STANDING: Verdun (France) (11:37-19:01)

Erebus: Iron Mtn (LA) (19:02-24:46)


(White Hills new album spacey and experimental)


You Dream You See: White Hills (NYC) (25:16-30:51)


(Agent of the Morai is on a split with Slomatics who are coming out with a split with Conan(!); Blizzard at Sea is proggy and sludge angst)


Memento Mori: Agent of the Morai (UK) (31:21-36:29)

Closed Universe: Blizzard at Sea (Iowa) (37:00-42:14)


(Tlon’s third album similar to Graveyard, jammy 70’s stuff, more ethnic)


DESCASCARADA: Tlon (Argentina) (42:38-46:34)


Church of Misery will be playing at the Maryland Deathfest in May which was SUPPOSED to be their first US show EVER, but as I learned last night from the owner of Armegeddon Records, they are actually doing a minitour before the festival and playing in Providence first!!)



 I, Motherfucker (Ted Bundy): Church of Misery (Japan) (47:35-53:38)


(Grave Disgrace is heavy and depressed doom; party until next week!)


Eternal Wait: Grave Disgrace (Russia) (54:08-END)