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She Likes It Heavy, Tuesdays, 7pm PST on

Mar 7, 2012

Intro (0-0:27)

Spawning the Nephilim: Lord Mantis (Chicago) (0:28-5:25)


(Chicago’s Lord Mantis has Dave from Nachtmystium; new release Pervertor out on March 12th; Reverend Bizarre has spin-off project Lord Vicar – look them up on my website as they rule)


Doomsower: Reverend Bizarre (Finland) (6:10-11:45)


(Ultralord spins off from Fistula – again, look Fistula up on my site; Ultralord’s album is AWESOME)


Wizard Pimp: Ultralord (Ohio) (12:05-16:55)


(Victor, the Reverend of Despair hailing from Chicago, has put up his write-ups on his bandcamp site: “Spirit Writing has been praised by critics as "the biggest junk ever" and "totally alienating." The quality was ... noted as being "atrocious." "As long as people will continue to mindlessly follow the Reverend, he will continue to manipulate their minds in the name of freedom” – also this dude is a friend and awesome, so listen to his stuff!)


The Grieg and Euphorization Revealed: The Reverend of Despair (Illinois) (18:09-21:29)


(Colour Haze played years ago in a festival that I always wanted to go to - Emissions of the Monolith.  Psychedelic strong rock, with some hippie stuff running through it, good music for relaxation)


Silent: Colour Haze (Germany) (22:12-29:29)


(Eagle Twin is a 2 piece band, coming out on Southern Lord with a new album soon) 


And it came to pass that birds fell to earth as black snakes: Eagle Twin (SLC) (29:45-36:09)


(Canada brings forth doom for all, Witchstone’s full length is fully anticipated;  2 piece Wizard Rifle are weirdos but awesome; and their album looks like the necronomicon)


The Devil's Bridge: Witchstone (Calgary) (37:13-43:28)

Megatherium: Wizard Rifle (Portland) (43:29-50:52)


(Keep it real, Florida scene is erupting with stoner and sludge)


Aeden Carr: Fire In the Cave (Orlando) (51:53-end)