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She Likes It Heavy

Dec 21, 2011

INTRO (0-0:27)

No Presents for Christmas: King Diamond (0:28-4:32)


(PARTY!  HOLIDAYS!! Dedicating King Diamond to Joe, Teepee Records, Eibon from France - not the other crappy Eibon bands)


Blank Slate: The Fucking Wrath (California)(5:39-10:29)

Entering Darkness: Eibon (France)(10:30-17:43)


(I am your favorite metal indian dj of all time/universes, Morne was great live, Canadian bands. 10 day booze for me)


Two-Day Booze: Bison B.C. (Canada)(18:29-23:35)

Evil (Mercyful Fate cover): Voivod (Quebec)(23:37-27:25)


(Kingdom made up of the band Amenra, Belgium and Poland, lets party in Belgium and Poland) 


Cendre: Kingdom (Belgium)(27:53-32:00)

The Swamp Altar: Major Kong (Poland)(32:29-38:07)


(German bands)


A Fire to Everything: Arktika (Germany)(38:26-46:03)

BARGAINING: Fubar-Jam (Germany)(46:25-51:28)


(Female vocals, Russian bleak band, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Listen next week on Tuesday at 6pm EST for a new show for post-Christmas/pre-New Years, will play all my favorites) 


Verdammt: Loon (Providence)(52:19-58:20)

Last Sun Before The Polar Night: All the Cold (Russia)(58:21-end)