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She Likes It Heavy

Dec 14, 2011

INTRO (0-0:27)

For Thousands of Years: Rue (Ohio)(0:28-6:37)


(Talking about the next few shows and in January playing the top 2011 picks for best metal albums, email at for suggestions/insults,  Rue coming out with an album after 8 years, Rwake to Zach and being too old for Maryland Deathfest)


An Invisible Thread: Rwake (Arkansas)(7:56-16:34)

Quetzalcoatl: Forks of Ivory (Tennessee)(16:36-20:42)


(Talking about Sungrazer and their tour/Roadburn, psychedelic on the same label)


Goldstrike: Sungrazer (Nederlands)(21:11-26:05)

Impressions: Been Obscene (Austria)(26:35-31:20)


(Whether WEIRDING got their name from Bene Gesserit martial arts and/or if I am just a dork, Australian scene)


Bastard: WEIRDING (Vancouver)(31:56-37:19)

III: Mammon (Australia)(37:50-42:43)


(Going to see Morne at the Great Scott/named on Pitchfork top metal bands, being in love/wanting to marry Swedish bands in general, stay tuned in January for top metal albums)


Killing Fields: Morne(Boston)(43:27-49:29)

No Good, Mr. Holden: Graveyard (Sweden)(49:30-54:05)


(Listen every Tuesday at 6pm EST to She Likes It Heavy, recorded shows at, affairs with my Finnish bands)


Green Totem: Demonic Death Judge (Finland)(54:36-end)